My Story

In 1994, I went back to school to finish my degree and found myself in school to become a Massage Therapist.  I was not drawn to bodywork nor had I ever received a massage.  However, massage was on the cusp of becoming a household word, and I knew that I could create flexibility in my schedule and an income that would support my family through this work.  It was through the field of massage, that I was guided to my “Real Work”, Healing Touch as both a practitioner and instructor.

Healing Touch began as my adventure into the field of energy medicine.  I was in my early thirties changing careers and raising two children when a fellow student shared that a Healing Touch class was being offered in Las Vegas.  I needed the education hours and I signed up….My life has never been the same. I had no idea that my journey through the Healing Touch Program would take me to the depths of my own soul’s healing process and beyond.

I grew up, like many of you in a dysfunctional family unit…not necessarily unloving just not functional.  I spent many years in therapy trying to figure out my “truth” and more importantly how to recognize what I “felt”.  I had mastered the skill of coping by not feeling anything.  It was through traditional talk therapy that I found my truth and it was through Healing Touch that I learned to recognize and “feel” my truth, hence my passion and specialty in energetic emotional cellular integration. 

I have watched my sons grow into incredible men with their own personal truth and knowing; that I never knew existed for myself growing up. Over the years, I have studied a number of energetic modalities such as Cranial Sacral Therapy with Somatic Emotional Release, Thought Field Therapy, Bach Flower remedies, Energetic  Healing Levels 1, 2, Therapeutic Communications, Osteo-Symmetry, Gestalt Therapy training, Compassionate Touch for the Elderly and I am a Reiki Master. However, I will always be grateful to Janet Mentgen the founder of Healing Touch for energetically putting together a program that was the foundational piece of my energetic journey to self-healing, but also influenced my entire family, and now hundreds of my clients and students

Today, I am co-owner of Capstone Wellness Center in Las Vegas, Nevada where I have the privilege of sharing in the healing process of those who are guided to the work.  I also have the honor of sharing this work with students ready to grow personally and/or professionally through the Healing Touch Program.

I would love to share the Healing Touch experience with you either as a client or student.   I know that Healing Touch can and will enhance your health and well-being.  I look forward to sharing some healing time together with you soon!

In-light and healing,


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